Introduction with Object-oriented programming – (OOP)

Object-oriented programming
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Object-oriented programming. Hello developers, how are you doing? In this tutorial, I am going to discuss OOP. Well, OOP stands for Object-Oriented Programming. OOP is a programming concept that is not for a specific language. Object-oriented programming is a programming model organized around objects rather than the actions and data rather than logic.

Why do we use OOP?

Well, when we write code in a procedure way then we don’t care about its codding structure. In the same file, we write all business logic or other stuff. Even it can be, we wrote the same piece of code a couple of times. After one month or after a couple of days if we see our code or add more functionality, it looks terrible. Expect the main programmer who wrote this code no one can’t understand how it works. We need OOP for achieving Code reusability, Clear structure, Easy to maintain, Simplify.

The main pillar of OOPs are

  • Inheritance
  • Polymorphism
  • Abstraction
  • Encapsulation
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The four pillars of OOP. From, the next tutorial, I will explain to you everything about OOP as well examples.

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